Our philosophy

We believe that one of the best ways to capture and preserve precious memory is to combine it with the power of a fragrance. For the love of nature and history, we create compositions that allow us to experience the pure beauty of the surroundings through the magic of scent. Our fragrances are based on natural high-quality absolutes, essential oils and extracts, the use of which brings us back to the ancient art of perfume production.

Founded in 2015 in Paris by André Pruski, Mokoto explored the idea of elegance. Curated by Polish artist and designer Igor Kubik since 2020 Mokoto is an independent French-Polish brand focused on the classic French perfume craftsmanship and the experience of beauty. 

The person behind the concept of our latest "Alchemy" series is Tomasz Wichrowski.

Our philosophy is pure but production is a complex and sophisticated process. We do care about the environment. All our selected packages are recycled or can be reused for other purposes.

We also minimize use of plastics and energy in the production process. We only work with those who offer employees a fair wage and safe working working environment.

Our process from start to finish is made by hand. We take pride in our labour and craftsmanship.

Everything we do is rooted in passion and love for scents.


We use only

Natural ingredients, numerous certified organic cold-pressed and food-grade vegan oils, highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils, recycling packaging or which may be reused.

All our products are

Free of parabens, chemicals, fillers, synthetic ingredients, mineral oils, petroleum, phthalates and sodium laurel sulfate.
All our organic ingredients are accredited by internationally recognised institutions such as:


USDA          Ecocert           Soil Association