Luxury Jasmine Pomegranate, Beauty Oil and Hair Serum Set, - MOKOTO

Jasmine Pomegranate, Beauty Oil and Hair Serum Set

Set of captivating scents of prestigious Jasmine Sambac in Body Perfume and romantic Rosa Damascena active herbal ingredient promoting profound regeneration of face and hair.


Skin type. All skin types.

Texture. Lightweight oil.

Body Perfume: 50ml | 1.7 fl. oz. bottles, Hair Serum: 30ml | 1.0 fl. oz., Regenerating Beauty Oil: 15ml | 0.5 fl. oz.


Key Active Ingredients

Pomegranate Seed Oil. Very intensive antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, stimulation of keratinocyte divisions and thickens epidermis.

Jojoba Oil. Rich in vitamin E, phytosterols, fatty acids and squalane. High biological compatibility with the skin, quick absorption and perfect moisturiser.

Coconut Oil. The best skin care agent, predominantly composed of saturated fatty acids mostly lauric and myristic acids responsible for its antioxidant and anti-ageing properties.

Marula Oil. A youth elixir. Strong regenerating effects. Exceptional moisturising and cleansing properties. High content of essential fatty acids (linoleic acid and linolenic acids). Antioxidant ingredients, high biocompatibility with skin and is very quickly absorbed.

Tamanu Oil. Anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, tissue regeneration stimulation. Improvement of immunity and calming skin irritations. Oleic, linoleic and caffeic acids.

Rosehip Oil. Reduction of existing and inhibition of new wrinkles formation. Improvement of skin elasticity, toning its shade. Regeneration of tissue at the cellular level thanks to transretinoic acids.

Shea Butter/Oil. Non-saponifying fraction and regenerating triglycerides. Protection of the skin from adverse weather conditions and irritations. Strong antioxidant properties.